15 Jun. 2009

Words say the darndest things... pt 3

My very favourite word in the whole world is oxymoron - it's so much fun to use! And there are many out there - this website has kindly compiled 35 of them for me, and I have grabbed them and displayed them here for you to peruse at your leisure. :) Oh, and I also added a picture because it looks very sad without pictures on my blog. And because I do love this picture. It makes me laugh. :D
And yes, these are American, so if you don't understand one, please... um... well I guess look it up. I wouldn't know. http://www.c4vct.com/kym/humor/oxymoron.htm
35. State worker
34. Legally drunk
33. Exact estimate
32. Act naturally
31. Found missing
30. Resident alien
29. Genuine imitation
28. Airline Food
27. Good grief
26. Government organization
25. Sanitary landfill
24. Alone together
23. Small crowd
22. Business ethics
21. Soft rock
20. Butt Head
19. Military Intelligence
18. Sweet sorrow
17. Rural Metro (ambulance service)
16. "Now, then ..."
15. Passive aggression
14. Clearly misunderstood
13. Peace force
12. Extinct Life
11. Plastic glasses
10. Terribly pleased
9. Computer security
8. Political science
7. Tight slacks
6. Definite maybe
5. Pretty ugly
4. Rap music
3. Working vacation
2. Religious tolerance
1. Microsoft Works

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